Top Ways To Have The Greatest Results From An Invisalign® Treatment

invisalign treatment

A special approach to straightening teeth, Invisalign offers optimal results significantly faster than traditional braces but without the lip-cutting brackets and daily wire tightening. Typically known as “invisible braces,” the Invisalign method has been broadly used by Arlington, TX adults wanting to reduce imperfections or make slight enhancements to their smiles without looking like their children! Nonetheless, Invisalign is currently getting increasingly popular with an additional group, and young adults are joining the movement to straighten their teeth without the obvious metal brackets hindering their appearance. Are you contemplating getting Invisalign? What could you do in order to obtain the most from your Invisalign orthodontic program?

At MINT dentistry | South Arlington, our Invisalign orthodontists now provide this innovative treatment to properly straighten and align teeth without the use of classic braces. So, what can you do to achieve optimal results from your Invisalign treatment when trying to beautify your smile? Let's identify the methods and advice for Invisalign to ensure you receive the best outcome along with a new, sexy smile!

There is no doubt that Invisalign has grown increasingly popular over the years, with an increasing number of people searching out “invisible braces” in order to fix and improve their teeth. This new approach to discreetly realign teeth has even had adults rushing to check it out, and now younger adults and tweens are joining the "invisible braces" movement. The custom-fit trays have the same goal as traditional braces, which is to improve a patient’s smile with straighter teeth, along with the extra benefit of Invisalign being removable and requiring just half the time of standard braces. This exciting aesthetic means of enhancing teeth is catching on, and here is everything you will need to learn about receiving Invisalign in our Arlington, TX facility.

You must wear your aligners as directed
The trays (or aligners) that are shifting your teeth into the right alignment won't work correctly if they're not worn enough. Studies have found that those who use their trays fewer than 20 hours each day have less-than-ideal results, plus it lengthens the process. Invisalign is typically simpler and much faster in regard to receiving outcomes (in comparison with traditional braces), but individuals need to adhere to using their customized trays for at least 22 hours each and every day and the full 48 hours the first two days upon acquiring new ones for adjustments. Sticking to using the aligners means that your teeth will most likely become aligned according to your treatment schedule and possibly get done faster than originally anticipated.

Maintain your plan
Following your dentist’s directions is a critical part of the Invisalign process. Staying on schedule, like when to replace your aligners with new ones and doing them in the right sequence, is only going to improve your smile. Letting it work on schedule will ensure that you receive the best results effectively. Your dental professional will know when you need to receive new aligners, much like the modifications that are part of having traditional braces, in order to keep the straightening process on track and improve the appearance of your teeth. The trays have a specific order to follow to ensure your teeth are going in the optimal direction. Being on track with receiving your next pair of aligners in the right sequence is critical to receiving the best results.

Look after your dental hygiene
Dental hygiene and responsible attention to the aligners are a crucial part of the Invisalign therapy. Flossing and brushing after meals are essential. Just like with metal braces, you don't want food or debris remaining on your teeth, which may directly create tooth decay and inflamed gums. With Invisalign, if you do not brush or floss after every meal, then food residue will remain on your teeth after you place your Invisalign aligners back in, essentially trapping the particles, which may result in decay. Flossing and brushing once you eat is a crucial factor throughout the Invisalign process to be able to keep the health of your teeth. Additionally, between your follow-up visits, at which you will receive a new pair of Invisalign trays, the existing Invisalign trays should be cleaned frequently with mild soap and water. Don't use any toothpaste or a toothbrush to wash your trays. This can scratch them, as well as won't effectively get them clean. Washing your Invisalign trays routinely keeps them clear of discoloration so that the “invisible braces” stay invisible!

Give yourself a period of time to get accustomed
The same as with traditional braces, you'll have an adjustment time to become used to these new trays in your mouth. Initially, it'll feel odd or cumbersome, and you may feel a little discomfort, but after a while, your mouth should adjust to the Invisalign system. You may also discern a slight alteration in the way you speak or even a “lisp” when you first begin using the aligners. This is known as the “speech learning curve,” and it may be challenging, but you shouldn't get disheartened. This does not mean that you need to remove them when you want to speak! In order to keep with the 22-hour daily commitment, leave them in place to practice talking. Your mouth will adapt to the aligners, and your speech will become good enough that you won't remember you even have them in!

Know that you must wear a retainer following therapy
Patients who neglect to wear the retainer after finishing the Invisalign process may as well not even start the treatment. Like with traditional braces, you'll have to wear your retainer at night when you have completed Invisalign. We supply the first year's worth of retainer appliances as part of the total price. Individuals who can't adhere to wearing their retainers as directed lose all the progress that has been made; therefore, wearing your retainer and going to regular follow-up visits with your orthodontist are integral to the post-care protocol.

Invisalign treatment is not for everybody
The Invisalign process is not ideal for everyone. For those who have extremely crooked teeth or a severe overbite/underbite, conventional braces or dental surgery could be the only choices. Invisalign can take care of the most common issues like gaps, slight overbites/underbites, and a few instances of tooth crowding, but it is not always the best alternative for more complicated dental troubles. Consulting with one of the Invisalign orthodontics dental professionals at MINT dentistry | South Arlington is the best initial step in determining if Invisalign is the optimal choice for your teeth.

If you are interested in enhancing the look of your teeth, then Invisalign from MINT dentistry | South Arlington could be your initial step! Invisalign is a perfect choice for obtaining a straighter, healthier-looking smile without the attention and maintenance required with traditional braces — and within a much shorter time. By adhering to these tips and recommendations, you'll obtain the gorgeous smile that Invisalign can offer, and no one will see the aligners making it happen! If you want to learn if you are a perfect candidate for Invisalign, reach out to our facility in Arlington, TX to set up a free smile evaluation now!

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